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Outdoor Pergolas Affordable-Ornelas Landscape Design

Do you want an outdoor entertainment lounge? Do you want the possibility to be able to dine outdoors? Do you want to make better use of your outdoor living spaces? Why not consider having a Pergolas in place? Are you telling me you don’t know what is a pergola? It is an outdoor structure, supported by beams and rafters. It is also topped off with a roof, either a roof that is fully covered or a roofing grid that leaves open spaces for you to look up at the night sky while you enjoy your dinner. Oh, how romantic.  

Would you be interested in having an outdoor pergola of your own? Because if you are, we would be perfect for the job. Our team consists of highly skilled, creative, and competent individuals. All driven by the same goal – To achieve your highest satisfaction.

Let’s get down to business, shall we? What would we require from you? Of course, we would need to establish two-way communication. We would need to understand what kind of feel or theme you would like your Pergola to go for. Then, we will draft out some designs for you, and you may choose which you would like to have brought to life! 

None of our designs meet your expectations? Let us know what you would like to have changed and we will have it done. However, do bear in mind that also may consult you on the design ideas. For example, the feasibility of the design. 

Does that sound good to you? What are you waiting for? Why not reach out to us now and let us build your dream Pergola?! While you are at it, why not also check out the other services which we have available for you? Services included: Landscape Design & Installation, Outdoor Patios, Outdoor Pergolas, Stonescapes, Residential Landscaping, Commercial Landscaping, Irrigation Installation & Repairs, Drainage Systems, Landscape Lighting, Outdoor Living Spaces, Tree Service and Lawn Service.

When it comes to outdoor living areas, Ornelas Landscape Design are the best. We are very reliable, and we have proven through our perfect work that we are the best and very dependable. The list above comprises of the top services that we offer as a company. We have the skills and the capacity to deliver these services correctly. These are the services that you can get from our team of professionals;

  • Landscape Design & Installation
  • Outdoor Patios
  • Outdoor Pergolas
  • Stonescapes
  • Residential Landscaping
  • Commercial Landscaping
  • Irrigation Installation & Repairs
  • Drainage Systems
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Tree Service
  • Lawn Service

Here is a list of our services you can get at Palm Beach Landscape Design & Hardscape Pros: