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Pavers Services-Ornelas Landscape Design

Whether it is a walkway, driveway, patio, or pool deck, pavers need to be maintained regularly to ensure they are looking beautiful all the time just as they were installed. And maintenance of these pavers needs you to take into consideration lots of factors. 

First, you need to do a visual inspection to know the sagging areas where water could be collecting. These areas are usually caused by washing earth, sand into a hollow space below the paver foundation, washing surface, and even rainwater. Once you notice pooling, these sagging areas will widen up quickly, thus increasing water draining in these regions. 

Before stabilizing the pavers, the hollow must be filled to avoid repeating the same task next year. However, fixing this condition could be complicated. First, you will need to remove the sagging pavers, locate where the hollow and have it filled with the foundation material. After that, you can stamp the foundation material within two inches and fill the remaining with sand and tamp it level while replacing the pavers that have been removed.

Once you are done with fixing the sagging areas, you can then look for individual pavers that sit higher or lower than the surrounding pavers. A higher-setting paver can be leveled by the use of a rubber mallet that will force it into its proper position. And in the case the paver is too high or does not move, you may be needed to remove the sand until it gets leveled. And to ensure that you are doing this right, you can hire a professional from Palm Beach Landscape Design and Hardscape Pros.

More so, it is good to ensure that you are pressure washing the surfaces yearly. This process will help in cleaning the surface of the pavers and also removing the many organic materials that could be growing between the pavers. This process will help in the reduction of the number of bugs that live in your pavers, thus assisting the pavers to remain stable. 

Additionally, you should ensure that you are inspecting the pavers for sand loss. When you ascertain that the sand is a quarter inch below the joint surface, you will have to re-sand the pavers. And when re-sanding, then you should consider using the paver sand from reputable companies. You can then spread the sand on the pavers using the push broom and make sure that the level gets to an eighth inch to the top of the joint surface.

After making sure that the pavers have been adjusted and re-sanded correctly, you can then consider sealing the pavers with a good quality sealer. This is because, when you have unsealed interlocking pavers, they will be more prone to stains, growth of creepers, chipping, and even cracks.

You must lay your pavers in the sun. The reason n why your pavers will get infected by moss is due to lack of enough sunlight. And when this is the case, this will not only degrade the appearance of the pavers but will also decrease their durability. 

Therefore, good quality sealers will help in the prevention of haze from forming on the surfaces of the pavers that could be caused by moisture in the pavers during sealing. And when you realize that your pavers have a haze from the previous sealing, then you will need to strip the existing sealer before you apply a new sealer.

Although pavers require very minimal maintenance, cleaning and polishing them is essential as they are tread on most of the time. Also, you will need occasionally seal them to ensure you are preserving the aesthetic appeal of your driveways or pristine patio. And when it comes to sealing the pavers, this is easier as there are a variety of acrylic sealants in the market.

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